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Classic Pre-Retiree Mistakes

In the complex world of financial planning, there are countless pitfalls one could fall into as you approach retirement. In this episode, we’ll share some common mistakes we see people make all the time. Avoiding these crucial missteps can have a significant impact on the success of your retirement plan. We'll delve into these key issues and learn how to navigate them effectively when it's your turn to plan for retirement.

Retirement Planning
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Ep 77: Financial Wisdom From Yogi Berra

Yogi Berra was a sports icon and one of the most quotable people to ever live. And when we look at some of his quotes through the right prism, they can teach us some lessons about financial planning. In today’s episode, we’ll have a little fun with some of these quotes to see what financial wisdom we can pull from them.

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Ep 69: Retirement on the Gridiron

Today’s show combines two fun topics – finances and football. Believe it or not, planning for your financial future has some similarities to the sport of football. In retirement planning, some people try to be successful without having a coach at all. Others keep the same coach that they’ve had for years, even though things aren’t working out with him.

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