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Mailbag: Life Insurance Starting Premiums Again, And More

It’s time for another mailbag episode! We have an exciting lineup of topics to discuss today. Listen in as we tackle some current questions from our listeners, and you’ll likely gain some invaluable insights to help you make informed financial decisions. This episode could be very helpful if you’re looking to improve your financial situation and prepare for retirement. We will discuss what to do if your life insurance policy starts charging premiums again, what to invest in that won’t be so volatile, and when to take Social Security.

Retirement Investing
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Who Needs a Financial Advisor? (And Who Doesn’t)

Not everyone needs a financial advisor right away, but some people desperately do. Unfortunately, people can have a hard time understanding which category they fall into. We’ve met with many different clients over the years. During those discussions, we’ve been able to tell who urgently needs our help, who simply needs a little guidance, and who thinks they have it all figured out. Listen to today’s show and find out what financial help you might need at different life stages, as Mark shares some first-hand insights on the benefits of financial planning.

Investing Planning
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Ep 75: Black Swan Events

Last year was a rough year in the market, but it’s hard to attribute it to any one particular trend. It was more a confluence of various factors. On today’s show, we’ll review some of the absolute worst days, weeks and years in market history, what caused them and what we learned.

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