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You can also listen to the radio version of Saving With Silverman every weekend.

3pm Saturday & Sunday on KNST AM 790!

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Ep 3: Common Mistakes People Make with Their Financial Plan

Building a financial plan can be done on your own, but there’s a much greater chance of making a mistake. Without having a professional to provide you with solutions and help you craft a strategy that fits your needs, you put yourself at risk of following bad advice or overlooking important aspects of a comprehensive retirement plan. Let’s look at four common mistakes we see investors make and what you can do to avoid them.

Investing Planning
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Ep 2: How Much Cash Should You Keep on Hand?

Of course, we all want a healthy bank account. Having a good amount of dollars within easy grasp is helpful in the case of emergencies or for medium-sized purchases where you don’t want to have to liquidate assets. But is it counterproductive to have too much cash on hand? We’ll explore that idea and other pressing questions about the role that cash plays in financial and retirement planning.

Investing Planning
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