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Why Mark Does What He Does Thumbnail

Why Mark Does What He Does

Retirement Investing Planning


On This Episode

In this week’s episode, we’re diving into the journey that brought Mark to where he is today. Stay tuned as he reflects on the journey that led him to this point in his career and the influential figures who shaped his personal views on money and finance along the way. We’ll also discuss the importance of planning for retirement and the common frustrations people face when they haven't adequately prepared for this significant life transition.

Discover the gratifying aspects of Mark's job, including working with clients to create lifelong relationships and providing strategies to ensure a comfortable retirement. Whether you're on the cusp of retirement, already retired, or a few years away, Mark Silverman's expertise can help you achieve peace of mind and financial confidence!

Here’s what we discuss in today’s show: 

  • How Mark became interested in the financial industry + influential mentors in his career 
  • The difference between the accumulation and distribution phases of retirement
  •  What gratifies Mark the most about his job in financial planning?
  • It's never too late to seek help with retirement planning, even if you've already retired without a plan

Thanks for joining us! We’ll be back for another show every other Thursday.

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