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Ep 1: Get To Know Mark Silverman & The Updated Podcast Thumbnail

Ep 1: Get To Know Mark Silverman & The Updated Podcast

Retirement Investing Planning

On This Episode

After spending years on radio and talking with the people of Tucson, we’ve decided to expand that conversation to the world of podcasting. Today we introduce the Saving with Silverman podcast!


We are excited about the future of the show as we provide on-demand content that you can listen to on your own schedule. It’s one of the fastest growing mediums and we’re looking forward to contributing to the financial information that’s available to Tucson and throughout Arizona.

The show will follow a similar format to the radio side. Expect to hear a lot of discussion involving financial planning, wealth planning, estate planning, and more. Whether you work with Silverman + Associates or handle the planning on your own, we want this show to provide you information that you can use to move you closer to your retirement dreams.

Before we begin with the regular programming, let’s tell you a little more about our host, Mark Silverman. Some of you might already know Mark, but we’ll use this episode to let him tell us more about his life, his career, and why he loves working as a financial planner in Tucson. Plus, what will you learn over the life of this podcast? Let’s talk about the plan we have for the show and who we think will benefit from listening.

It's going to be a lot of fun and, more importantly, beneficial for people that to get a better grasp of their finances and understand the retirement planning process better.

People say that you’ve got to love what you do. I can’t imagine doing anything else to be honest with you. -Mark Silverman, CFP®

The Layout

Let’s get rolling with the first episode and you can use the timestamps below to skip around to specific topics.

1:32 – Let’s get to know more about the business. What does being a financial advisor mean to Mark? 

2:54 – The day-to-day challenges of financial planning never get boring. 

3:36 – Mark tells the story of how he got into the business. 

4:10 – Gives us an idea of what financial planning looks like for your clients.

5:30 – What does Mark like most about being both an advisor and a coach?  

6:32 – Tell us one thing you really want people to know about you. 

7:40 – What does Mark like most about living in Tuscon?

8:36 – What’s the last place you visited?

9:14 – Why we decided to launch the podcast and what do we hope people will learn?

11:10 – Here are some of the topics we’ll cover on the podcast.

12:13 – Who is the ideal listener for this show?

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