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The Three Worlds of Money Thumbnail

The Three Worlds of Money

Investing Planning


On This Episode

When you break it down to the most basic level, there are really three worlds of money that we utilize for financial planning: banking, insurance, and Wall Street. Each of these worlds has a distinct purpose and role in helping you prepare for retirement. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of each and how we use them to design a portfolio.

By utilizing these worlds effectively and efficiently, you are able to create diversification and balance. That’s essential for long-term success so we’ll take you through each of those three worlds in detail today.

Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode: 

  • The banking world is great for savings and low risk, but it limits your opportunity for growth.  
  • Why we don’t look at insurance as an investment and what do we use this for.
  • The Wall Street world involves risk but a proper portfolio gives you the best chance for growth.

Thanks for joining us! We’ll be back for another show every other Thursday.

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