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Reading the Fine Print

Retirement Investing


On This Episode

It’s been said that “the sales brochure giveth and the fine print taketh away.” In the financial world, glossy brochures and enticing sales pitches often conceal ugly hidden truths. Join us in today’s episode as we highlight why it’s so important to understand the fine print before making any investment decisions.

Have you ever been lured in by a miracle financial product pitched on the radio? Mark is here to warn us: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Let’s talk about some of the things we hear from people when they don’t pay enough attention to the fine print. That way, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to make smarter decisions with your money.

Here's what we'll discuss in today's show:

  • “I just got a big rate increase on my long-term care insurance!”
  • “The fees in this annuity are a lot higher than I was told!”
  • “This mutual fund had done really well for the last several years, but it tanked as soon as I got into it!”
  • “My life insurance suddenly got really expensive as soon as I turned 65!”
  • “I want to get some money out of this REIT but they’re telling me I can’t have it back!”

Thanks for joining us! We’ll be back for another show every other Thursday.

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