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Financial Questions That Are Hard To Answer Thumbnail

Financial Questions That Are Hard To Answer

Retirement Planning


On This Episode

Ever wondered when the next market crash will hit? Or what healthcare costs will look like 20 years from now? Unfortunately, these are questions that none of us have a crystal ball for. So, when it comes to financial planning, how can we be best prepared for the unexpected?

In today’s episode, Mark will show why having a comprehensive plan is so important and how he helps his clients navigate the inevitable world of the unknown. We’ll chat about building a portfolio that can withstand downturns, mitigating rising healthcare expenses, minimizing your tax burden, and more!

Here are the questions that we chat about in today’s episode:

  • “When is the next market crash going to happen?”
  • “What will healthcare costs look like 20 years from now?”
  • “What will the tax rates be three presidents from now?”
  • “How long am I going to live?”

Thanks for joining us! We’ll be back for another show every other Thursday.

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