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The Importance of Long-Term Care Coverage Thumbnail

The Importance of Long-Term Care Coverage



On This Episode

Getting older means having conversations that aren’t always enjoyable. One of those is our topic on the show today. Long-term care is out of sight and out of mind for many people, but it could be a major expense in retirement and needs to be accounted for when building a plan.

Today we’ll talk about why a lot of people don’t think about the need for long-term care despite the fact that it could be incredibly expensive. Plus, we’ll discuss some of the different options for protecting yourself against the possibility of long-term care needs in retirement. 

On today’s show, we’ll talk about:

  • Where long-term care ranks on the list of priorities in retirement planning. 
  • Why most people don’t take long-term care seriously until it affects them.
  • How realistic is it to self-insure for LTC?
  • Is long-term care insurance a good policy to have?
  • Why life insurance is a good option for a lot of people for helping with LTC

Thanks for joining us! We’ll be back for another show every other Thursday.

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