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Ep 69: Retirement on the Gridiron Thumbnail

Ep 69: Retirement on the Gridiron


On This Episode

Today’s show combines two fun topics – finances and football. Believe it or not, planning for your financial future has some similarities to the sport of football.

In retirement planning, some people try to be successful without having a coach at all. Others keep the same coach that they’ve had for years, even though things aren’t working out with him.

We’ll explain why you need to design a portfolio that puts you in victory formation.

Listen to learn these key points:

  • Why mistakes in the financial red zone are so costly. (2:17)
  • Why the hurry-up offense is a bad idea for your finances. (4:45)
  • Why you need to stop worrying about the victory formation with your money. (6:22)

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