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Ep 31: The Types of Financial Risk  Thumbnail

Ep 31: The Types of Financial Risk


On This Episode

Today we’re talking about different types of financial risks. Many people have no idea how much risk they have in their portfolio. We'll explain the things to look out for. 



On today’s Saving With Silverman podcast, Mark Silverman CFP® explains some of the different types of financial risks that people have in their portfolios and how to be on the lookout for it. 

Market risk

It’s typically a stock market risk, and you can risk losing principle. If the market goes down 10% and you’re in a stock that tracks the market, you might go down 10%. 

Smaller stocks tend to be more volatile and have more potential for loss, but they also have more potential for gain. These risks can be diversified to be minimized.

Interest rate risk

If interest rates go up, your bond is worth less. Interest rate risk is going to fluctuate what’s in your bonds. 

Inflation risk

With the government printing all this money, inflation is going to be coming. Inflation is the cost of things. Look at what you paid for it a year ago versus today. A good example are stamps. 

Health care risk

We know that health care costs are going up. Health care inflation is a lot higher. It can be anywhere from 5% to 7%. What’s covered versus not covered is a moving target. That number is not going lower. It’s only going higher. 

Listen to the entire episode to hear more. Click on the timestamps below to skip to a particular segment. 

With the government printing all this money, inflation is going to be coming.

 - Mark Silverman, CFP®

The Layout

Let’s get rolling with the first episode and you can use the timestamps below to skip around to specific topics.

0:52 – Market risk

2:05 – Interest rate risk

2:58 – Inflation risk

3:57 – Health care risk

5:26 – Longevity risk

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